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Welcome to Women Fucking Men, where you'll find a selection of the horniest and most agressive women fucking men with strapons! These bold babes like to don their faux phalluses and ram their men hard up the ass in every conceivable scenario. So whether your fantasies include getting your own buns split by gorgeous women wearing huge dongs, or watching hot chicks giving cock to their submissive men, we've got you covered. Grab the tissues and check out these wicked women fucking men!

Wife Nails Sissified Hubby Hard In the Ass

It's obvious who wears the pants in this relationship, and it's equally obvious who wears the stockings. This wife likes her hubby submissive, and his penchant for sissification is right up her alley. So while he's wearing her lacy leggings, she straps on that huge dong and goes right up his, pulling his hair and boring her subservient sissy boy a new asshole. He squirms in agony and pleasure, cock throbbing as the hard rubber cruelly penetrates his tight sphincter again and again, bringing him at last to an explosive climax. Sound like the afternoon of your dreams? Want to live the experience by watching women fucking men with strapons? Go ahead, join hot, hung babes as they ride their men home!

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Sadistic Dommes in Tag Team Strapon Play

Sissy ass fucking too tame for you? How about a little strapon bondage to whet the appetite? These sadistic dommes have their slave bound at arms and wrists, so he's forced to spread his ass cheeks for good hard strapon reaming. Those ass rammers are designed to stretch any orifice, and in this instance they're stretching all of them, as our boy is forced to gag on plastic while he's getting his shitter stuffed. With the leather biting into his flesh, he takes the pounding gratefully, because he likes to be controlled, he likes to feel his anus being torn apart and, like you, he gets hard at the thought of women fucking men with strapons. Want to get even harder? There's plenty more anal boring right here!

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Hot Toon Babe Strapon Fucks Gagged Slave

Perhaps you're inclined toward a more colorful fantasy. If the sissy's to sappy and the bondage too brutal, then you can wank to a world of cartoon erotica, where real life domination and women fucking men with strapons are translated into sizzlin', cum-stirring works of wonder. Artful renderings like this perky titted babe roughly fucking her wrist-tied man as she squeezes the cum from his penis are the sort of erotic eye candy that gets your sphincter contracting and your cock growing. There are no limits to what these toon babes will do to drive their plastic penises deep into tight drawn tooshies, and no end to the orgasms. It's a harsh fucking reality in softly rendered hardcore, and you can enter the fantasy!

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